Here’s Why Young Children Are So Good With Technology

The children, who are born in the late 90s and early 20s, grew up in the internet era. They witnessed the introduction of the mobile phone. These are the first generation of children who tried texting.  The kids who are born after the year 2010 are from a different world altogether. Technology has been advanced to exponential rates. Children are used to mobile phones, the internet, and instant connections. They play in ipads and watch videos online.  There are various technology-driven toys and activities available. You could check out DoodleBuckets to know about the latest gadgets and toys for children.

It is quite surprising that children learn to use technology very quickly.  They are very much tech savvy. The young kids are exposed to technology; this has led to the introduction of a new term, ‘digital natives.’  According to a study, even if the child is not able to walk or talk, he/she can use the Smartphone. 

It is quite tight for adults to adapt to new technology, but the children adjust to them quickly. This happens because of the way they absorb and learn information.  Early brain development in children supports the critical periods. During this time, the child can take in fresh details and learn new skills quickly. There has been evidence which shows that the children pick up dance or musical abilities and learn languages faster than the adults.  Technology too falls in the same lines.

Young kids have got tremendous mind power. Research has proved the incredible mental capabilities of an infant’s brain. Intuitive nature of the gadgets and devices are responsible for easy adaptation of the technology by children. For instance, the touch screen could be easily manipulated by the tiny fingers. Hence the Smartphone’s or tablet’s becomes a natural tool for them that satisfy their quest for learning.