How the Technology Industry Is Attracting More Women

We talk about equality all the time but what is a stark reminder of the inequality still prevalent in the genders is the presence of women in the technology industry.  Less than 20% of the staff in all technological-related fields are women? It is only now that tech companies are trying to change this imbalance by adopting certain corrective measures like taking our gender in CVs and giving more prominence to women in the field.

In ads for technical posts often companies use words like, “ninja” which is not a term woman associate with themselves, as a result, they refrain such jobs because they do not want to walk into a boys’ den. Even words like competitive salary are not considered suitable for women candidates because women at the end of the day want to be treated fairly and with dignity and are not really motivated by the salary.

Another reason that experts in the field site for low women participation in the tech world are that most women apply for a job only when they fit in the full requirement, unlike men who apply even if they meet only 50% of the requirement which often includes words like “result-driven” etc.

Companies are now trying to reword their adverts to make it more appealing to both genders and are more sensitive to the language used in the adverts. Others are training their recruitment department on the nuances of choosing women based on their skills and knowledge and not on their looks and marital status. They are also revising their maternity leave policies to encourage more women to come forward to the demanding tech field. By encouraging STEM subjects in young girls one can hope to bridge the gap between the genders in the tech field. It is time women are not judged by their purchase on Lux Time but by their prowess and knowledge.