The Revolutionary Drug Testing Technology from Intelligent Fingerprinting

Drug testing has become mandatory not only for criminal justice but also for job recruitment. At the Ouch club, there are several methods listed to pass the drug test which traditionally consists of checking the saliva, urine, and blood. But there have been new developments in drug testing and the most promising among them is intelligent fingerprinting.

What is intelligent fingerprinting?

Usually what happens in the human body is that for everything that is ingested into the system a chemical reaction takes place and metabolites are generated which are found in your blood, saliva, urine, hair, and sweat. Every substance that you take produces a specific metabolite unique to it and that is what drug tests identify to determine what kind of drugs are ingested into your body.

Intelligent fingerprinting is a non-invasive technology that relies on the traces of sweat found in a fingerprint sample. From this sample, one can determine the usage of specific drugs.

The test requires just a simple fingerprint and it can screen for the use of drugs like amphetamines, cannabis, cocaine, and opiates.

The test consists of a cartridge for the collection of the sample and a fingerprint reader analysis unit.

What is the technology used in this method?

This intelligent fingerprinting testing method uses Lateral flow assay technology alongside fluorescence-labeled antibodies to detect the metabolites in the sample.

When used with fluorescence-labeled antibodies. The reader unit can provide results within minutes. The reagents used in this testing can be customized to screen for other drugs beyond the four stated above.

Advantages Traditional drug testing involves taking samples of urine, saliva, and blood which if not disposed of properly can hazardous. But with this method that risk is eliminated because it relies on the fingerprint alone. It is believed that this technology will revolutionize the field of criminal justice and also drug testing and rehabilitation.